Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Parallels to a Beowulf

Lo, praise of self made fortunes,
Of plastic Barbie dolls, in days of the spoiled,
We have heard that time can stand still.
Oft the square of a White House,
From good ol' Texas, the pilot at war,
President of our great nation. Tis four years his devoted
To a more conservative path:
One with out face-lifts or beauty to boost
One full of faith in our sovereign Lord.
All who saw the light, heard of his majesty
And voted for him; four more years

The foes face filled with Botox,
Carrying a younger John on his back.
Feeding the poor promises of low health care cost.
That erst lacked any solid plan, not a proper earl at all.
So short a while; Liberals adored him,
Turning to Nader, ACLU supporter.

A battle being fought far from home,
But little is it know, that it's close.
Three thousand citizens, murdered at Sadams hands,
And chemical warfare at his power.
The people in shackles, aged and afflicted
Some few with privileges, and others with none
A place where freedom doesn't come cheap
A land filled with profits of oil undeveloped.
Fear of a fate undeserving,
Pleading for God to give mercy.
The younger of the bush liberating,
In the hopes of a free Iraqi nation.
Come warriors willing, to win a war worth wielding.

First Draft -- in progress
(I need more information/more accurate information.)

Update on whats new and happening:

I am teaching second and third grades once a week at my church. Work and school are harder to handle than I expected. Getting in touch with distant friends. i plan to be a pharmacist. I'll tell you when I change my mind.

Jordan on the other hand has new everything. A new job, new car, and just started college. Plans for a small business in t-shirt designing and making are on the way. He's 'The Voice' in his schools newspaper opinion section. He plans to be on the radio with his deep radio voice, and later in live a pastor.